February 29, 2024 Market Update

NYMEX Natural Gas Futures Contract  With the rollover to March Settlement, we are not looking for Winter 24 futures anymore. Summer 24 settled at $ 2.349 USD/mmBtu which increased by $0.140 USD/mmBtu from Tuesday.

Market Fundamentals: In terms of weather, their may be a cold snap coming up in March for a short period of time, just like in January when the prices spiked up for a short period of time. Also, based on an external report, a barrier to the rise in natural gas prices was that power generators are using coal as an alternative when gas prices were high. But, there has been a large decrease in the demand of coal power plants. Lastly, Natural Gas futures prices has been robust as April 2024 Future has only moved $0.02 as of yesterday.

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