Take charge of your gas bills

You have options when it comes to your natural gas supplier. The energy professionals at RiteRate will keep your budget on track.

Fill your piggy bank and lower your stress about heating and cooling bills

With RiteRate as your gas partner, you stay in charge of your energy costs for your business. You can count on us to keep the heat on in the winter months and the cool flowing during the dog days of summer.

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Choosing the right rate for your business is easy.

Variable Rate

A variable rate reflects the normal monthly changes to natural gas pricing. We bulk purchase gas for all our customers across Canada and share the price benefits with you.

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Fixed Rate

A fixed rate doesn’t change over the course of your contract. Regardless of the market price of natural gas, a fixed rate plan gives you one, three, or five years of price certainty. You get the gas you want and the pricing stability you need.

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Green Plan

Like natural gas, biogas can be used to heat businesses, for transportation and for industrial and commercial settings. Biogas is fully compatible with conventional natural gas and is an opportunity to reduce your business carbon footprint. Working with suppliers across the country, we can offer our customers biogas for their office needs.

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You will continue to pay your local utility for other regulated services including customer charges,
transportation (where applicable), delivery, storage (where applicable) and taxes.

Current Natural Gas rates for your utility as posted by the Ontario Energy Board.

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Your Trusted Gas Partner

RiteRate is a trusted natural gas partner to businesses across Canada. A natural gas industry leader for over 20 years, we have the experience knowledge to make sure that your business has the natural gas you need, when you need it. Click here to learn more about RiteRate and our service guarantee.

Canadian RiteRate Energy Corporation BBB Business Review

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