December 1 st, 2022

Natural gas markets are relatively quiet once again as we await weather in the Eastern part of North America. With the colder 10 day forecast will result in an increased demand in the North East region. Other regions around North America are forecasted to be warmer than normal netting off resulting in the forward prices …

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November 11th, 2022 – Market Update

Even with cold weather in the forecast market are $0.44 US/Mmbtu off of yesterdays close. Volume appears to be lighter than normal and could be short term correction. We continue to realize $0.50 USD/Mmbtu movement within a day of trading. The next two weeks will offer more insight. Enjoy the weekend. (RS)

November 7th, 2022 – Market Update

Natural gas is on the rise yet again with cold weather dominating the midwest and west. Prices jumped $1.00 USD/Mmbtu on the prompt month and $0.80 USD/Mmbtu through to March 23. Freepoint LNG is expected to increase demand mid month. Enjoy the warm weather in the East! ~RS

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