Your Energy Options

You have options when it comes to your natural gas supplier and keeping your bills low.

The energy professionals at RiteRate have energy plans that keep your gas flowing and your budget on track. 

As one of the longest standing natural gas companies in Ontario, we know the natural gas market and have helped thousands of homeowners and businesses manage their energy costs for over 15 years. Over that time, we have sold over 715 million cubic metres of natural gas. That is enough natural gas to heat 200,000+ homes for a full year! We watch the gas market for you and through our bulk purchases are able to help our clients count on consistent supply and pricing for their natural gas. 

RiteRate is pleased to offer a green option to our plans. Biogas is a renewable energy that is made from food, farm and landfill waste. Like natural gas, biogas can be used to heat homes, for transportation and for industrial and commercial settings. Biogas is fully compatible with conventional natural gas and is an opportunity to reduce your home and business carbon footprint. Working with suppliers across the country, we can offer our customers biogas for their office needs. Click here to learn more about availability and pricing.

Our Service Commitment

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No call center voice mail: you have direct access to our team

Guaranteed and transparent pricing

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