Business is booming and you want to focus on growth and keeping costs down.

The team from RiteRate will ensure the you have the gas you need at the price you expect. Our plans will protect you from any market swings in pricing so you can reduce your risk and build a budget that you can stick to.

Pick the plan that works best for your business

Our online sign up process is easy. Click here to sign up for one of our great plans. Want to talk with someone about which plan is right for your business? Give us a call weekdays between 9 am – 5 pm and we will walk you through our plans. One of our friendly and helpful team members will be happy to answer your questions.


Choosing the right rate for your business is easy.

Variable Rate

A variable rate reflects the normal monthly changes to natural gas pricing. We bulk purchase gas for all our customers across Canada and share the price benefits with you.


Fixed Rate

A fixed rate doesn’t change over the course of your contract. Regardless of the market price of natural gas, a fixed rate plan gives you one, three, or five years of price certainty. You get the gas you want and the pricing stability you need.


Green Plan

Our green plan displaces 50% of your conventional natural gas usage with biogas, giving you an opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint. Please note that enrollment in this program is a limited time offer.


We want to ensure you have the information you need to make the right decision for your business.

Please enter your postal code to see rates available in your delivery area.

You will continue to pay your local utility for other regulated services including customer charges, transportation (where applicable), delivery, storage (where applicable) and taxes.

Current Natural Gas rates for your utility as posted by the Ontario Energy Board.

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