February 8, 2024 Market Update

[4:32 PM] Kourosh Jam

NYMEX Natural Gas Futures Contract  Winter 24, only the March contract now, settled at $1.879 USD/M which is an decrease of $0.091 USD/M.  Summer 24 settled at $2.260 USD/M which decreased by $0.043 USD/M from yesterday.

[4:13 PM] Kourosh Jam

A weekly natural gas report came out yesterday that mentioned the U.S. gas consumption hit a new record on January 16, 2024. A staggering 141.5 Bcf of natural gas consumption occurred in the U.S. lower 48 states which exceeds the previous record set over a year ago. Canadian natural gas production trended lower with volumes going down by 0.16 Bcf/d to 18.42 Bcf/d. Domestic gas exports to US also dropped to 5.11 Bcf/d which is a 0.26 Bcf/d decline from yesterday. The Eastern Canada temperature dropped especially for Ontario, shifting Ontario’s guidance 15.3F colder. (KJ).

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