RiteRate to the rescue

Easy ways to reduce your energy consumption.

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Do you use most of your electricity between 9am and 9pm?
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On average, are you away more than 8 full days per month?
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Are there more than 2 people living in your home?
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Are there children under 14 years old living in the home?
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Looks like you have the energy usage levels and/or exposure to peak rates that could result in significant fluctuations on your bills.

This is where we can bring some much needed comfort and consistency.

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Since your energy usage levels are low, fixed rates may not be required in your household.

We do invite you to give us a call at 1-877-866-8056 and we can discuss your situation...maybe even get a few tips from you!

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Energy Saving Tips

Check with your local utility for free energy savings programs, coupons and tips!

AnyTime Electricity®

The not-so-secret secret - buying electricity at wholesale. As a residential user, you don’t have access to wholesale prices. Our programs bring many small users together so that together, we all benefit and get access to wholesale rates. This allows us to provide you with a direct pass through of the wholesale market for the month – meaning you are charged the same rate every hour of the month. No fluctuations based on time of use.

Fixed-Rate Natural Gas

We work with the natural gas supplier to purchase large quantities of natural gas – and the rate is based on the market situation at that time and length of the purchase term (here's a bit more insight on how it works). This enables us to offer you a similar arrangement – a fixed rate that won’t fluctuate with the market. This enables us to offer you a similar arrangement – a fixed rate that won’t fluctuate with the market.

It pays to be informed

The energy market can be unpredictable. Variations can be based on factors such as: natural gas inventories, demand, economy and world events. These swings create the ups and downs on your bills that we can help eliminate.

Is AnyTime Electricity® right for you?

Use our nifty tool to find out what your bill would have been on the wholesale market rate based on your usage profile. If we don't have the months matching your current bill, please try a previous bill.

Numbers don't lie

See for yourself. We take the unbiased 20 year historic utility rates to create a trend line. Then we further take those rates (including those good ol' low 6c/m3 days) and weight it against the colder seasons, because that's when you really use most of your gas. These numbers together can help guide you in a comparison of current rates.

Last Point on Trend Line


20 Year Consumption
Weighted Utility Rate


Smooth sailing with RiteRate

Stability and predictability. That's what RiteRate looks like. While we cannot guarantee it, the numbers show that there's a good chance you will benefit over the term of the contract compared to the variable rate.

Blended, fixed or reduced rates

In addition to helping you eliminate surprises on your energy bills, you will also be eligible for a small discount when you sign up for both our Fixed-Rate Natural Gas and AnyTime Electricity® plan.