December 5th, 2022 – Market Update

Markets tumbled once again today, down $0.74 USD on the prompt month once again. With mild weather in the forecast and LNG exports to Europe in limbo until the spring this market could remain soft for a period of time. We will see what happens the balance of the week. (RS)

December 1 st, 2022

Natural gas markets are relatively quiet once again as we await weather in the Eastern part of North America. With the colder 10 day forecast will result in an increased demand in the North East region. Other regions around North America are forecasted to be warmer than normal netting off resulting in the forward prices …

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November 24th, 2022 – Happy U.S. Turkey Day!

Markets are closed today as the U.S. celebrates their Thanksgiving holiday. Unfortunately Black Friday doesn’t apply to natural gas prices, especially with colder weather expected in early December, but do enjoy the sweet deals you find this weekend elsewhere. ~CL

November 23rd, 2022 – Market Update

Pricing December 2022 prompt month NYMEX +US$0.529/MMBtu at $7.308 | Remaining Winter 2022 NYMEX (Dec22 to Mar23) +$0.37 at $7.287. News and Fundamentals Green was seen across the screen today, with all NYMEX contracts out to June 2024 settling up. Colder weather forecasts yesterday allowed for climbing prices to continue past yesterday’s settle into today. …

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