NYMEX Natural Gas Futures Contract Oct23 prompt month contract +US$0.002/MMBtu at $2.639, low of $2.606, high of $2.671, traded range of $0.065. Winter 23 +$0.044 at $3.33, Summer 24 +$0.021 at $3.198.

Market Fundamentals As the Oct23 looks to expire this Wednesday, September 27th, 2023, not much is happening in terms of trading and price activity. Weather continues to be mild domestically as forecasts continue to show mixed weather outlooks. Lower-48 stats for the day saw production at 100.9 Bcf (+1.3% YoY), demand was at 67.5 Bcf (+%13.2 YoY), and LNG feed gas came in at 12.0 Bcf (-9.0% WoW).

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