NYMEX Natural Gas Futures Contract Prompt month Oct23 settlement -US$0.183/MMBtu at $2.582, low of $2.566, high of $2.708, traded range of $0.142. Winter 23 -$0.088 at $3.422, Summer 24 -$0.047 at $3.223.

Market Fundamentals Welcome back from the long weekend, what a return it has been today. Weather continues to heavily impact natural gas prices and mild temperatures have led a significant pullback that led to sell-offs throughout the whole day. This week is still expected to show higher demand, but the remainder of the month is now looking far more bearish than before. Production was also very high over this weekend, around the 101.5 Bcf/d mark. Overseas, European prices fell as strong surpluses continues to eliminate concerns over the supply demand balance.

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