NYMEX Natural Gas Futures Contract Aug23 prompt month settlement -US$0.048/MMBtu at $2.609, low of $2.586, high of $2.687, traded range of $0.101. Summer 23 -$0.044 at $2.633, Winter 23 -$0.017 at $3.51.

Market Fundamentals Another bumpy day in natural gas today with multiple twists and turns. The day started off with prices continuing to fall, but a spike upwards at 12:30PM shook things up a bit. Prices then returned to be on the decline, finally settling down compared to the previous day. Weather still appears to be the primary motivator, with cooler trends across the northern half of the U.S. outweighing the southern heat. The U.S. holiday this week has also shifted around some of the weekly release schedules. The EIA storage report will be coming out tomorrow and early outlooks are looking at an injection around 60 Bcf.

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