NYMEX Natural Gas Futures Contract Prompt month Jul23 settlement -US$0.140/MMBtu at $2.492, low of $2.487, high of $2.696, trading range of $0.209. Summer 23 -$0.150 at $2.572, Winter 23 -$0.116 at $3.489.

Market Fundamentals The saying proves to be true with what goes up must come down. Following the U.S. Juneteenth holiday yesterday, market activity resumed today with major red. Temperatures for next week peak around the 25th, but retreat for a couple of days into July. South Central folks in the U.S. were affected by storms and much of the region continues to be with power outages, lessening demand. Tropical storms have also commenced with Brett set to potentially run north. Production also increased over the weekend, although volumes sit off of previous highs. Overall, natural gas is much more bearish today compared to last week, and the prices have dropped to reflect that.

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