NYMEX Natural Gas Futures Contract Jul 23 prompt month +US$0.023/MMBtu at $2.352, low of $2.277, high of $2.38, trading range of $0.103 | Summer 23 +$0.001 at $2.447, Winter 23 -$0.017 at $3.444.

Market Fundamentals Natural gas prices continue their trend of trading wide throughout the day, before settling close to flat to the previous day. Today marked another U.S. EIA Lower-48 storage report. The industry forecast median came in at 116 Bcf, with a range between an injection of 106 and 124 Bcf. The actual number came in with a reclassified marking today in the South Central zone, which moved the reported injection of 104 to 118 Bcf. Markets responded by dipping down, but turned around after noon.

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