NYMEX Natural Gas Futures Contract June prompt month +US$0.077/MMBtu at $2.398, high of $2.402, low of $2.317, range of $0.085 | Summer 2023 +$0.077 at $2.593, Winter 2023 +$0.073 at $3.583.

Market Fundamentals As the June NYMEX contract looks to expire this Friday, we are starting to see some volatility as traders jump in and out. Trading volume spiked just before the 2:30PM settlement today, with buyer pressure yielding a slight climb. Otherwise, not much has changed fundamentally. Weather is expected to warm coming out of this weekend which will begin the transition to cooling degree day (CDD) demand. Production is down slightly as of this morning, but the easing of maintenance into the U.S. long weekend brings upside risk. ~CL

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