Pricing December 2022 prompt month NYMEX +US$0.529/MMBtu at $7.308 | Remaining Winter 2022 NYMEX (Dec22 to Mar23) +$0.37 at $7.287.

News and Fundamentals Green was seen across the screen today, with all NYMEX contracts out to June 2024 settling up. Colder weather forecasts yesterday allowed for climbing prices to continue past yesterday’s settle into today. The December 2022 prompt month NYMEX hit a high of $7.604 today, before come back down at noon following the release of the U.S. EIA storage report. As tomorrow is U.S. Thanksgiving, the number came out today and marked the first withdrawal of the year at 80 Bcf. In line with market estimates, prices held steady above the $7.15 mark for the rest of the day. ~CL

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