Lots of updates today with both the expiry of the November NYMEX natural gas futures contract and the U.S. Energy Information Administration storage report release. After a volatile trading month, today marked the last day of November trading as the prompt month NYMEX futures contract. After trading up yesterday, all months saw red, with November settling down US$0.42/MMBtu at $5.186 from yesterday. This 7.5% move downwards actually contradicts what was see earlier in the day following the 10:30AM storage release. While the industry consensus came in at 60 billion cubic feet (Bcf), the actual number was only 52 Bcf. The markets saw a subsequent upwards push, but that was short-lived and came down almost immediately. Looking ahead, we trade the last month of 2022 starting tomorrow which should be interesting varying fundamentals continue to push and pull ~CL

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