Volatility is in the air and everywhere!

After natural gas prices fell to a low point last Friday, they saw a significant rebound today for all months until March 2023. A lot is changing and affecting the natural gas market these days. A few highlights include: constant adjustments to the weather forecast, concerns on the high volume of excess gas in North American storage facilities, and the arrival of tropical storm Delta expected to hit and hinder production regions this Friday.

Prices will look to bump around for this week as uncertainty continues to be on the horizon. Looking further out however, the general market sentiment leans toward higher winter prices extending into 2021 and beyond. Look to take some of that uncertainty off the table by locking into a fixed-rate contract with RiteRate. We’ll always work with you to keep your natural gas rates … boringly predictable.

Make sure to tune back-in tomorrow for another Natural Gas Market Update!

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