AnyTime Electricity® and Fixed-Rate Natural Gas - 'til your eyes glaze over.

We'll help you put some predictability into your energy costs - and that goes for both electricity and natural gas.
Now both bills can bore you to tears.

What We Offer

No deception. Ever. If you don't need it, we'll tell you.

Don't worry. Unlike the other guys, we aren't interested in 'selling' you anything. Let's see if what we have actually works for you. If it does, great! If it doesn't, well...what are ya gonna do.

Answer a few questions and we'll tell you honestly if RiteRate is right for you.

Is it Right for Me?

Do you use most of your electricity between 9am and 9pm?
Yes No
On average, are you away more than 8 full days per month?
Yes No
Are there more than 2 people living in your home?
Yes No
Are there children under 14 years old living in the home?
Yes No

Looks like you have the energy usage levels and/or exposure to peak rates that could result in significant fluctuations on your bills.

This is where we can bring some much needed comfort and consistency.

Since your energy usage levels are low, fixed rates may not be required in your household.

We do invite you to give us a call at 1-877-866-8056 and we can discuss your situation...maybe even get a few tips from you!

Use electricity without any peaks or valleys.

No hour on the clock is any more, or any less, special when it comes to using electricity. Our AnyTime Electricity® program means 'round the clock consistency. 1am or 1pm - it's all the same to us.

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When you’re happy, we’re happy.

One of the ways we set ourselves apart is by treating you with respect. When you call in, you talk directly with us. RiteRate is also proud to maintain an excellent reputation with the Better Business Bureau and the Ontario Energy Board for our low complaint record.

Thank you. One thing's for sure - RiteRate has one of the best customer services I've seen.

Tom S (March 9, 2012)

Thanks for the prompt and comprehensive response. Aside from the savings I realized back when I joined up, I've always been a fan of your low-key, professional approach.

Alan M (April 13, 2012)

Your company gets a 10 for customer service! As the marketplace adjusts, I'm sure I'll be talking to RiteRate.

Andy K (November 16, 2011)